If you have been charged with a crime…

My experience can guide you through an overwhelming process and bring you clarity and peace of mind. I have practiced criminal law in Halifax since 2003. I regularly appear in the Provincial Court of Nova Scotia, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. I have argued (and won) in the Supreme Court of Canada. I know my way around the courts and the personalities that make up our criminal justice system.

The right lawyer will help you make smart choices

There is no substitute for experience. An experienced criminal lawyer can review a file and quickly see the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. I have dealt with hundreds of criminal matters over the years. Some of them have been concluded quickly with a referral to adult diversion or a guilty plea; many have gone to trial by judge alone or judge and jury. Still others have gone up on appeal.

Pick your battles and fight hard

If you are charged with a crime, you have a right to challenge the prosecution’s case at trial. If you choose to exercise this right, my years of running trials can maximize your chance of a good outcome. I bring energy, courage, wisdom and knowledge to your defense.

My track record speaks for itself

Over the years I have been involved in many high profile cases which have put my name in the newspaper and my face on television. In reality, I have learned the most from the countless matters that never make the news. I have strived to protect my clients from the public shaming of a criminal conviction by never forgetting the key principle of our criminal justice system – that any person accused of a crime is presumed innocent unless the prosecution proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Although I have fought many battles, I have never lost sight of the most important battle of all – yours.

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